The City Ground

city ground stadium

In Nottingham a the City Ground stadium stands, it was built in 1898 and has a capacity of over 30,000.

There have been two terribly destructive fires in the history of the City Ground, one of which completely brought a restored section of stands to the ground in ashes.

The ground around The City Ground
Nottingham is home to quaint shopping districts, historical areas, and fine dining. While waiting for the stadium to open on game day, take a stroll through Sherwood Forest. If you are a fan of historic writers, you may get lucky and find a D.H. Lawrence festival while you are there.

Planning it the other way
What if your intent is to make the stadium visit a part of your visit, but there is not game scheduled while you are there? No worries old chap. There are behind the scene tours that you can attend, even when the only sound slipping through the seats is the quiet hush of a warm breeze.

If you like excitement, if you like history, consider a trip to Nottingham, and spend some time in the historic City Ground stadium. Sit back and relax (or get up and scream), enjoy the game.